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My Freeway Project, Circa 2002

I was cleaning up a HDD today when I came across these.  Two shots from my senior project at UC Irvine in… 2002 I think?  It’s been a while.  It’s still a technique I love, and a subject I’d like to revisit sometime.  There’s another pair of prints that were meant to be a diptych, but they aren’t very interesting, in hindsight.

Anyway, I thought they deserved a proper, permanent home on the web :)

3 Responses to My Freeway Project, Circa 2002

  1. muyiwa says:

    Super long exposure with ND filters?

  2. Jayelle says:

    Hello there
    So the comments were closed on your last post about the ANTI-DOCUMENTARY, I am truly sorry to post this on here and if I am totally outta line doing so, forget I even bothered you with this.
    I had showed my best friend (a photographer) the post about Katie and Nick’s wedding. She is planning her own wedding for next year and she totally freaked out and loved the photos of yours in the post. She specifically said she LOVES LOVES LOVES those 8×10′s. I personally think your whole project is so rad and I love that so many comments were concerned with you doing it. The fact that the photos turned out rocking makes it that much radder that you stepped out of the box and ran with it. I know you said you thought you found your couples for this project, which I’m assuming means you’ll be doing more. If for ANY reason you would need another couple (from southern california) they would be honored to call you Uncle Bob!! She of course would talk to her actual photographer to make sure no toes are stepped on. Basically I just had to throw it out there.

    • Doug says:

      Hey Jayelle – I think my comment notification must be broken, because I just saw this… thanks a lot! I think I’ll only do one of those. Fun, but impractical… I’d rather not beat that horse to death, so Nick and Kate are the first and the last for me.

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